October 6, 2022

Great Reasons to Buy an RV


Are you considering the purchase of a Recreational Vehicle? Not convinced yet? That is ok, here are reasons you may not have considered buying one.


One of the best reasons is that you can go just about anywhere and still be at home. I like the freedom of traveling on my schedule and not having to worry about nearly as many check-in and check-out times of hotels and motels. I can travel anywhere and still have all my creature comforts right where and how I like them.

It is a great feeling knowing you have your bed and bathroom with you all the time. No more sleeping on strange beds in hotels that are now often charging deposits up to $200 per stay and then you have to wait days to get your deposit returned to you which is all in addition to the regular hotel fees. I had that happen to me many times before I moved into an RV. Did I mention, that no hotel employees enter my RV? I love that privacy aspect, honestly. You just might too.


You can change your surroundings without much preparation. When staying in a hotel, you first have to park your vehicle near the office, you have to check in at the office where you have to fill out the check-in paperwork and pay them any fees plus any deposits. Next, you have to go back to your vehicle, drive around to a closer spot to your assigned room, unload everything you will need for your stay, lock your car, juggle the room key, your luggage, and any other essentials to your room which is usually up some stairs. Finally, you get in your room and relax for a few hours. You realize you left things in your vehicle. After resting for a few hours,  you are now hungry and now have to hunt down what you want to eat. You look to see what is nearby and open. You pick a place that sounds like a winner. You drive to the restaurant, you order, you have to wait for your food, and finally, it arrives. You eat, chill out for a few minutes and decide it is time to head back to your room.


Still in progress.

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